Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weight Update #1

Well I am in week 4 of my diet and it is going really well. So far I have lost 4.2 kilos and a 2cm from my waist.

It is all down to three main drivers, support from my friends, the MyFitnessPal App and the Hairy Dieters Cookbook.

I have been really encouraged by both my friends in 'the village' and my friends at work, they have all given me great support, yet not been patronising or overbearing. Quite a few have also started to diet themselves, joining me in the FitnessPal App so that we can share experiences and give each other support from a common point of view.

Without the MyFitnessPal App I would have given up by now, but it has kept me on track and is a visible way of showing my progress. The big thing in the end of a diet seems to be, that you have to take in less energy than you use, by constantly updating what you eat as you go through the day, you have a great dashboard to let you know what you have left in the bank. I am actually regularly coming in under my daily allowance for calories, the App has taught me about food and what it costs in terms of calories. I good friend told me last night "I can't believe how much you lost this week when I see you have had a bacon sandwich every morning" - this just goes to prove it is not what you eat but what the cost is; when I looked at my breakfast choices, a big bowl of fruit with yogit was 240 calories and a bacon sarnie was 280 calories, with only 40 calories more, I know which I would prefer to eat.

Another factor to my diet is the Hairy Dieters Cookbook. The recipes in this book really suit me, these guys have not given up their testerone driven food ideals, yes there are sections on salads etc. (I don't read those bits) but they have great chapters on main dishes and curries, stuff with loads of taste but don't break the calorie bank.

Right I am off up to the shop to buy some bacon, duck eggs and tomatoes because I fancy a cooked breakfast and these items will not cost too much...

Good luck if you are also trying to loose weight I hope my words have inspired you.


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