Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodwood Revival Sights and Sounds

With all the press and hype I have always wanted to go to the Revival at Goodwood and when my boss told me that he had tickets for the Sunday but had to catch a flight to Switzerland that day, I jumped right in and nabbed them off him in a trice.

Of course it was an expensive decision, the cost of the tickets being only the tip of the iceberg, of course Lynne needed a new frock, a petticoat, shoes, handbag, gloves, the list goes on, even to the point of having to rush into Petworth the evening before, to get stockings - do you know how much stocking cost in Petworth, and the weren't even antique!

Sunday morning dawned with the sun shining, we donned our attire, jumpped into the Rangie and off we went.  I want to thank my good friend who lent me his GRRC badge for the car, that meant we got into the members car park (I didn't realise how useful that would be until later in the day).

The Revival was everything I had expected it to be, the sights, sounds and smells - perfection, we wandered around taking it all in, we did want to meet up with a friend, Kirsty, but whenever we tried to get to the Lavant straights, where she was in the GRRC members area, we were thwarted by the Marshals, hey ho.

We stopped for lunch in the Butlins Ballroom, what an experience that was, a band was playing blues and swing, then a set of dancers joined the floor, the first lady had the perfect dress for jive (from my point of view), lovely stockings, suspenders and a thong, it was a shame I didn't have the camera handy at that point.

Another walk round after lunch, then the heavens opened, just a shower? No - full torrent, we were soaked within a couple of minutes, now you know why it was good to be parked in the members car park.  So it was a wet end to a brilliant day, disappointed... Nah, this has to be done again.

Well done to Goodwood, for all the effort they had put in to making this a brilliant event, well done to all those people who had dressed the part, if Lynne is anything to go by, at a fair cost... and well done to the drivers, pit crews, marshals etc. for making a day I will be talking about for weeks to come.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Balloon Festival Wisborough Green

I love my drive home from work on the second Friday of September because I know it is the start of the Balloon Festival at Wisbourough Green, it is going to be a treat of colour and sound. As soon as I get through Billingshurst, I start seeing these wonderful contraptions floating in the distance and my foot pushes the pedal a little further down.

Coming round the corner into Wisborough Green, you are presented with the sight of about 10 hot air balloons, in various stages in inflation on the green, people are everywere, children and adults alike are staring up at these great multicoloured structures in awe.

The Festival is a charity event, where the balloonists give their time for free and even the gas is provided for free, rides are cheaper than normal but still 80 to 100 pounds, so they make a lot of money from the event for Chase a worthwhile Children's Hospice . They normally run flights on the Friday eveneing, Sataturday morning and evening and Sunday mornings, and with excess of twenty balloons taking to the air it is relativly easy to book a ride on one.

There is a downside, the weather, it has to be just right. I was told by an enthusiast this year, that they would probably not be doing any oother lauches this weekend as the weather is deteriorating, but looking out of the window this morning, it seems calm, so I hope they have managed another lauch.

This festival is well worth the visit, it is always run on the second weekend of September and is always worth a visit.

Monday, September 5, 2011

People showing the contents of their handbags?

There seems to be a lot of people doing videos on YouTube going through their handbags - amazing.
I think what really is amazing is how many girls want to do a YouTube video and they choose this subject as the 1st run - check out a few of them below, they all seem to be pretty dull, but I suppose they take the interesting stuff out 1st....