Monday, May 30, 2011

The Girl With The Silver Knickers is Racing For Life

Victoria Cole is a mother with two lovely daughters and will be Racing for Life. Her mother Jenny has 'been through the mill' with the dreaded C, but she has fought off two attacks and fights every day, I can see that Jenny has inspired her daughter Vicky, now Vicky wants to give something back.

Vicky is notorious in our community, not only because she is as gregarious as me, but she has silver knickers and is proud to show them off.

I would love to see Vicky running in her silver pants, but I fear we will need to bring on some peer pressure to achieve this - the only way we are going to get her to don the underwear is to get sponsorship forcing her to bow down to the masses.

Please donate (even if it is just £1) to get Vicky to wear her famous Silver Knickers on her Race for Life.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mystery of the Leaky Landy

Ok, Lynne took the green Freelander to work yesterday (I was having the black one valeted for the wedding), this morning she mentions that a puddle had appeared on the drivers footwell!  Just what I needed, another leak...

All possibilities went through my mind, leaking windscreen (it had rained quite hard the night before), leaking vent, heater matrix, air con condenser gone - I know all Landys are supposed to leak but the green one had always been a good girl and is my little baby...

So driving in this morning I kept an eye on the rubber mat in the footwell, watching the puddle slowly dry up - no  more water appeared so that ruled out the coolant or air con...  driving home this evening, the problem was still on my mind, then I noticed a splash on the windscreen (on the inside) and I had an epiphany; I looked in the cubby box on the dash, and there was the culprit - and exploded can of coke - all issues resolved!

Now all I have to do is get the coke out of my leather driving gloves...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OK this is my first attempt to put a video clip onto my blog, so it is just a test really.  I did try to use YouTube, but I am having trouble with my account conflicting with my google account - not totally sure what is going on there, therefore this video clip (the smallest one I could find easily on my laptop) is the one I am testing with.

It is from my vacation to Disney Land back in 2000.

Goodwood Totty

So the girls at Goodwwod can lounge around, drinking Champagne, whilst the men deal with the odds...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Geocaching for business

Ok - so my son has introduced me to Geocaching, and you ask what is it?
Well it seems to be treasure hunting but using technology instead of the old map and compass.  For Geocaching you use a website and either a GPS device or a smartphone, such as a Blackberry, Android or an iPhone – you also need to use your legs, eyes and common sense.
Cache boxes of  ‘treasure’ are hidden all over the world, all you need to do is search for them on the website, download the information to your GPS enabled device then, using the navigation software on your device, start walking in the right direction.  Once you have found the cache, you update the log book in the cache and possibly swap out one of the items found in the box (you have to swap items of the same or higher value).  You can even have ‘Trackable Items’ that you leave in a cache (perhaps in another country) and other Geocachers (is that the correct term for these people) can take the item and place it in a closer cache to your home cache, updating the Trackable Item log on the web.

Geocaching seems to be a great way of getting out and about in the countryside, seeing new places and even providing entertainment on long drives.
So what about the possibilities for businesses?
  1. It could be used as an internal team building event – most people have smartphones, the trial app is a free demo and the membership of is also free. It would train people on what other things a Blackberry can do apart from making calls, plus they would have to work as a team to find the caches.  A very cheap event. Plus they may get hooked!
  2. As an client team building event, purchase a few GPS devices, set up the caches and let them find the treasure – there are even companies set up to run these types of event.
  3. As a Marketing tool – now I am thinking, on a global level – when they made the Planet of the Apes film, the film makers set up APE Caches all over the world as an advertising gimmick – a Company could do a similar thing, especially if it has offices all over the place, each office could be responsible for one cache (ensuring it is full of company goodies) and the Geocachers would love to collect the whole set; or competitions could be run to see if a Trackable Item could be moved from the USA to the UK for example – the possibilities are huge, the outlay is very small and the advertising potential is enormous at a very small outlay – after all it is a healthy pastime that can be done by anybody.
  4. Another Marketing tool, would be to have GeoCoins minted for your company, these can then be left in caches for others to collect or use themselves… Example below