Monday, May 30, 2011

The Girl With The Silver Knickers is Racing For Life

Victoria Cole is a mother with two lovely daughters and will be Racing for Life. Her mother Jenny has 'been through the mill' with the dreaded C, but she has fought off two attacks and fights every day, I can see that Jenny has inspired her daughter Vicky, now Vicky wants to give something back.

Vicky is notorious in our community, not only because she is as gregarious as me, but she has silver knickers and is proud to show them off.

I would love to see Vicky running in her silver pants, but I fear we will need to bring on some peer pressure to achieve this - the only way we are going to get her to don the underwear is to get sponsorship forcing her to bow down to the masses.

Please donate (even if it is just £1) to get Vicky to wear her famous Silver Knickers on her Race for Life.

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