Friday, June 3, 2011

My 1st Geocache

Woohoo!  Popped out to Tescos at lunchtime and whilst walking up the street, I thought I would check to see where the nearest Geocache to me was (I knew there was one near). 
So using my Blackberry Tourch, I fired up the CacheSense App to check if a cache was near me - low and behold, one was found less than 0.1miles from where I was walking. I clicked on the link, which took me to the correct page on and clicked on the LOC Waypoint file, which downloaded all the information into the CacheSense.

From then on it was just a matter of walking in the direction of the compass on the BlackBerry (I was a little aprehensive about the GPS functionality of the BB Torch - but it worked really well), once I was in about 100m range of the cache, the screen automatically changed to a target, showing me on the outside with the cache in the centre - all I had to do was walk towards the middle of the target - I took me a while (probably because I am an idiot) but it literally got me to within a meter of the cache.

I found my 1st cache!  Cool! - but...  I am an idiot, because I didn't have a pen with me to fill out the paper log in the cache - so I will have to return soon and finish it off.

I was really pleased with the performance of the Torch, both the 3G and the GPS, plus the CacheSense made everything really easy.  I would recommend you to go have a play - the sun is shining, so get out there and explore.

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