Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hairless Biker loosing the gut

Ok I coming clean, I'm on a mission to loose some weight, and that's the understatement of the year.

It all kicked off when I went to the Goodwood Revival a couple of weeks ago, if you do not know what the Revival is about, check out my blog from last year, basically it is a car racing event, held over three days, around the theme of 40s, 50s and 60s, the biggest fancy dress party ever. Anyway, this year was a great event, but I always have problems finding outfits for my bulk, I also watched a video playback of me Jiving with my good friend Tracy, she is so slim, it made me think of a ballerina trying to dance with a grizzly bear - I was not impressed with myself.

Then on the Monday we caught up with a couple of episodes of the Hairy Bikers Diet show, this really inspired me, if those guys could shed the pounds, in the job that they do, surely I could do the same without so much temptation constantly around me.

So Tuesday morning was the start of my mission! I downloaded the App for MyFitnessPal to my iPad and started counting my calories, I also went down to the gym at my office (yes I'm a lucky boy), weighed myself and the nice gym instructor measured my fat ratio, he has all the gizmos. So I am coming clean, I weighed in at a mega 132.1 kilos, that's over 20 stone in real money, and my body fat was 33%, I have never been so heavy - time to get serious.

The FitnessPal is a great App, I can see how many calories I am allowed each day, and has made me aware of what is good and what is bad. It keeps me on track, and in the first week, I lost 1.9 kilos, that gave me a lot of confidence.

The next thing I have done was buy the Hairy Dieters cookbook, there were some great ideas in the shows, and some great recipes in the book, for a bloke like me, I am not going to do the rabbit food route, I am not into slim fast, I like my food, and like the guys, I am not going to give up the things I like, I just am going to eat in a different way.

An example of the eating change, started with me thinking I need to give up my bacon sarnie in the mornings for a bowl of fruit and yoghurt, when I actually put the ingredients into the FitnessPal, I realised that the fruit was almost the same calorific value as the bacon sarnie, so I decided to give up the latte and keep the sarnie.

Tonight we tried out our first recipe from the Hairy Dieters cookbook, their take on lasagne, using leaks instead of pasta sheets, it was superb, we had our friend Vicky over and she loved it too, the only downside was that it took Lynne about 2 hours to prepare it, when she can normally 'knock up' her lasagne in about 30 minutes, perhaps we will use this recipe for the weekend in the future. It is well worth trying it though. It makes enough for 6 and as you can see by the picture we only had three portions, which means we can freeze it for another night - cool beans!

I will keep a regular blog going to let you know how I am getting on, I really need to get some photos for a before and after, I will do this soon. I will be happy for all the encouragement you can give, but keep the chocolate hob nobs!


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