Saturday, October 6, 2012

Curry Night - Hairy Dieters style

Well tonight we had friends round for a curry night. Usually this involves phoning the local curry house and ordering in about £80 worth of assorted 'stuff'. This time we cooked ourselves, using the Hairy Dieters cookbook to do a scrumptious Korma and a superb Jalfrezi.

What amazed me was that the cost of everything came to about £80 but the amount of food that was left over was more than half, and not because it was rubbish, but because it was quality food. Everyone was totally stuffed, and probably had eaten less calories than a normal night.

I had a quick count up of my intake for the evening and it came to a tidy 620 calories, of course I didn't partake in the Bombay Potatoes, and only had a third of a Nann, but the curry filled me up.

Another bonus was the Jalfrezi, we are all not 'hardened' curry eaters, and the Jalfrezi from the shop is too hot for us, but because I was cooking this myself, I could reduce the amount of chillies and thus make the dish edible by everyone (in fact the Jafrezi did better than the Korma).

I would thoroughly recommend the Hairy Dieters cook book, it has a lot of good stuff in it - well done lads.



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