Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wisborough Green's Got Talent 2011

Well the Football Club surpassed themselves this year in more ways than one, with the Wisborough Green's Got Talent show in the marquee on the Green.

The Marquee is always set up prior to the August Bank holiday weekend, so that it is ready for the fair on the Bank Holiday Monday, on the Saturday it is used for a flower show I believe, but the Friday night it stands empty.
This year it was decided to hold a talent show, running along the lines of Britain's Got Talent, organised by Sasha and Craig, it was a brave endevour, but it paid off with over 320 tickets sold to the event. The support from the community was immense, from organising the acts, setting up the marquee, providing the food, providing the bar, lighting, sound... I could go on, but just to say, considering it was the first time this event had been run, it all seemed to go very smoothly.

I will mention something about the food, as there were some comments I heard about the quality, but considering they were catering for 350 people, in an outside mess kitchen, I was really impressed - the kitchen guys worked really hard and I loved the curry - what do you expect for a tenner!

As for the acts, well again, locals had put a lot of effort into providing some 'class' entertainment for the guests, this ranged from solo artists, bands, comic cover troupes, and air guitarist and a magician - there was something for everyone - well done to all the performers.
As to the winners, well it was almost a forgone conclusion that the Football Team were going to win, with their spoof of Bohemian Rhapsody, but a close second and third were the Flatly Team and the Black Pig Band.

A good night out for a tenner - the question is, what are they going to do next year?  Can a second Talent Competition be run?

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