Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pens in handbags

OK - so as a man I totally agree, we never have a pen on us, we ALWAYS turn to our partners and say "have you got a pen on you", and after much scrabbling about in their handbags, one is produced.

Saying that though, why oh why, do you have so many non working pens kicking about in the bottom of your bags? and when you do produce said writing impliment, why is it a novelty item?

There must be something in the female genome, that insists they have multiple novilty pens, either in disturbing shapes or with cuddly bears on the top - even at school the girls had 'fluffy' pencil cases, filled with multicolored pens and pencils, whereas I had a pencil and a pen....

Chantel's handbag, at the Wisborough Fete yesterday, produced a litre of Martini and a Pig Pen (there must be some kind of pun in there...).

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