Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bastille in Montignac

Bastille is on July 14th - every year, and for the past two years we have traveled to Montignac to be part of the celebrations.  We have friends who live near the town (Dave and Jenny), last year their daughter, Vicky, invited us down, we loved it so much we decided to make our vacation in Montignac this year.

The roads in the town are closed, stalls are erected, and groups of dancers/musicians troupe around the town, dancing in front of bars for the public, they all wear traditional dress and the music/dancing is authentic, it is lovely to see.

In the evening, we descend upon a restaurant opposite the municipal car park for a meal and the odd carafe of Rose wine, then at eleven pm all the lights in town are extinguished and the best firework display I have ever seen is set off by the Pompier from the car park, it is truly amazing.

Montignac on the 14th July is well worth a visit.

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